Posted on 19 July 2021

Finding Your Ideal Rental Home


Our agency takes care of everything:


Cleaning of the flat by professionals

Renting, visits, selection of candidates, drafting and signing of the lease

Invoicing of rents, collection, regular transfer of rents to your bank account

Management of suppliers, of the syndic, of small works

Follow-up and management of claims, renovation work, selection of tradesmen Management report every month, with full payment of the net rent received, deducted from charges and fees.

With the support of a professional and experienced team, our real estate agency takes care of your real estate assets, just like your banker takes care of your savings. You receive the net rent every month, less costs and fees. There are no nasty surprises at the end of the year, and you never have to worry about your tenants.

We have a common interest in maximising the return on your flats and avoiding any vacancies. We choose the most profitable flats for you, and ensure a strict selection of candidate tenants.

If the flat’s profitability drops, we help you reinvest in one or more new properties, thanks to new and recent products on the market.

Thanks to a continuously tense market, where the rental offer is lower than the demand, the rents allow a good profitability, accompanied by a continuous increase in the value of the property. The investment is therefore always profitable, in the medium and long term, and thanks to our Private Management services, we avoid any management work.

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